Nutrition content for New Belgium Hard Charged Teas

New Belgium Hardcharged Tea Nutrition Facts


Here at New Belgium our recipes are proprietary, but we can share some information to help address some FAQ's about our delicious new addition to the Voodoo Ranger family. 

What is the ABV?
Hardcharged Tea is 7% ABV.
Does it have caffeine?
There is no added caffeine in our Hardcharged Teas.
Is it made with sugar?
Hardcharged Tea is made with sucrose.  We also do not use honey, so it is also vegan!
Is it gluten-free?
Though it is not made with wheat, Hardcharged Tea is not gluten-free.
How many calories/carbs are in a serving? 
Here is the nutrition content for all current flavors. Please note, this is only for a single 12-ounce serving.

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